The Program
How it works  


  • In order to be easily identifiable, the Link Companion will place a Link Companion Sticker where it is easily visible to the person needing assistance (classroom or office door, binder, etc).


  • To speak with a Link Companion, you can simply go directly to them. Another option is to place your Link Card in a spot where the Link Companion will find it and contact you afterwards (in a homework, in the Link Companion’s mailbox, etc.).


  • When the Link Companion receives your Link Card, he will then make contact with you to set-up a meeting time.


  • When the Link Companion meets with you, he will listen and, using the Helping tree, help you define what the issue is. If needed, the Helping tree will also help you identify the resource that will best meet your needs.  


  • Another option is to use the Helping tree and talk about your issue with your parents or a person for whom you have trust.

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