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Madawaska - The Vice

To encourage every person who live a difficult situation to speak out to someone they trust, to encourage them to step out of self-isolation and to ask for help and assistance.

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Madawaska - CDJ - Friendship and the Link Program

To be aware of the importance of relationship between individuals and the importance of helping each other in order everyone achieve their full potential

Madawaska - Helping a Friend - Coping Strategies

To help students learn positive strategies to cope and solve difficult life situation

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Madawaska - Appearances can be Misleading

To be present and listen to people surrounding us in order to recognize their distress and to be receptive to their suffering. To encourage people who live in a difficult situation to identify trusting people and ask for assistance.

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   Facts about Suicide

Madawaska - The Link Program ... A Life experience

 Importance of all people and our relationships. To become aware of our interactions with others.

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Madawaska - When our problems are overwhelming

Our own Being ... is somewhat like a house ... it is compartmented. Certain parts of our house are quite enlightened and very pretty. One finds beautiful things, therefore representing our love, our joys, our achievements, our successes, etc. But, there are also parts which are a bit darker. In these, one finds things representing some kind of disease, our losses, our disappointments, our wounds, etc

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   Finding Resources on the Link Program Decisional Tree

Madawaska - Life Challenges

To be aware of the possibilities to solve our own problems and alternative solutions in the helping process

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   Life Scenario - Pregnancy
   Life Scenario - Dating Violence
   Life Scenario - Bullying
   Life Scenario - Cyberbullying
   Life Scenario - Mourning
   Life Scenario - Blended Families

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